Dr Allen Menkin - Strategic Approach to Building a Medical Practice

Dr Allen Menkin knows from experience that most doctors think about themselves as workers and that’s what prevents them from building successful medical practices. You need to start thinking strategically and look at your entire practice as an entity, not just focus on the individual part of it that you do. Once you see your practice as a living, changing business, you will be able to see how you can accomplish the end result that you want, the result that made you go to medical school and become a doctor. If you don’t take a look at your practice as a whole, you will stay stuck in the day-to-day routine of doing the same work over and over again without getting ahead.

A doctor can build a practice that can grow into a successful business. The next stage for the business is to become a medical enterprise that works separately from the doctors that own it. The key to transforming your business lies in working not just in your business, but also on your business. This is the difference between being a doctor and an entrepreneur. These two roles are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they complement each other. Your first step in building a practice should be to become not just a doctor, but a doctor and a manager and an entrepreneur. Dr Allen Menkin has seen over and over again how everything you do in your medical business can transform when you go through this process.

Dr. Allen Menkin - Pediatric Business Practice

Dr. Allen Menkin is the founder of Plaza Family Care Inc., and this adult and pediatric business practice has helps a lot of people. Over the years, he has learned many tips and tricks when it comes to operating a practice, from having a solid business plan to basic marketing. A pediatric business involves more than just a few sick kids and some qualified doctors, it includes having a plan of action to move your practice in the desired direction.

Whether you are focused on helping others, introducing new service or entering new marketplaces, there are many directions a practice can go. There are some activities, like patient relation or practice hours that will be considered to be a “good practice.” To make sure that you achieve your goals, states Menkin, you must have a marketing plan, both a one-year and five-year plan. It should be reevaluated often and amended to keep up with changes in society and the healthcare industry.

A solid pediatric business practice will have a fine-tuned recall system, that deals with scheduling problems or clinical recall compliance. To accomplish this task, Dr. Allen Menkin decided that his practice would be open to the public 24/7/365 days each and every single year. By doing this he demonstrates affability, availability and ability to his patients, which has made his practice successful in our always moving society. Many people are busy and need the convenience of being able to book an appointment for any time of the day or night.

Dr. Allen Menkin - behavioral pediatrics

After returning from the Army, Dr. Allen Menkin resumed his residency and was allowed to start a program that drew on Hematology, Psychiatry and Pediatric Neurology. He started in the NYC public school system to develop in the field of behavioral medicine and learning disabilities. After completing his residency and pediatric internship at NYU/Bellevue hospital he went on to found Plaza Family Care Inc.

Menkin trained to both diagnose and treat neurological and mental health disorders. This means that he worked  with children who had disorders or problems that ranged from mildly disrupting to life-threatening. Often children, adolescents and their families are affected by the behavioral problems and they can lead to problems with development in many areas, from pediatric chronic illnesses to other disabling conditions. He has even worked with children that have behavioral disorders that include oppositional-defiant disorder, depression, conduct problems and anxiety disorders, as well as, Tourette syndrome, tics and other habit disorders.

As a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, Menkin has advanced specialty training in the behavioral, emotional, physical and social development of children. He worked with a team of qualified professional at Plaza Family Care to provide an in-depth perspective. Furthermore, a developmental pediatrician can suggest additional testing or other therapists or specialists that may help.

Dr. Allen Menkin believes that this results in a comprehensive evaluation with a plan of treatment that will allow children to make progress and clarify complex issues. The bottom line is that a pediatric specialist can be very beneficial for children who are struggling in almost any area.

Dr. Allen Menkin - Childhood  violence prevention

As the father of six children and grandfather to ten, Dr. Allen Menkin knows the importance of childhood violence prevention. There are many ways to prevent violence in a child’s life and Menkin suggests a few ways that parents, caregivers, teachers and physicians can reduce the harm and violence while providing easy alternatives or solutions.

The most important thing that people can do, is to model the appropriate behaviors, from how to manage different issues, conflict, anger and stress. Plus, they can also practice certain steps to prevent violent outbursts in children, from giving consistent attention and love to providing supervision and guidance. Just remember to never use physical punishment or verbal abuse to solve problems or deal with emotions. Make sure that you are consistent with your discipline and rules.

Menkin responded to the trauma that was caused by the shootings at Columbine High School and many others. In the aftermath, Menkin created the foundation – Stand Up For Children – that is dedicated to the prevention of childhood violence. He understands the importance of keeping firearms locked up and unloaded and far away from children. Parents should be proactive in teaching their children gun safety and the dangers involved.

Dr. Allen Menkin cautions people to ensure that children are not exposed to violence in the media, from TV shows to video games. Making sure that children understand the serious consequences of real life violence is vital to preventing shootings. Teach children how to avoid and recognize potential danger and how to avoid becoming a victim of a violent act is key to prevention.

MIMEH and Its Co-Founder, Dr. Allen Menkin

MIMEH stands for the Maimonides Institute for Medicine, Ethics, and the Holocaust. MIMEH is a non-profit organization co-founded by Dr. Allen Menkin. This organization exists to “explore the ethical implications of the medical transgressions that took place during the Holocaust for modern scientific theory, medical practice, healthcare policy, and human rights endeavors.” They provide free online seminars to medical professionals for a different look at what happened in the name of scientific advancement and what that could mean for our future if we are not careful to never let it happen again.

Among other topics, MIMEH explores events in medical policy that led up to the allowance of “medical” atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust. In this way, they hope to use the past as a tool to shape the future, a way to hopefully have society learn from its mistakes by recognizing patterns and drawing parallels between situations then and now. This institute focuses on protecting all human life and dignity while still finding ways to advance science and medicine. It is not as though only one can advance while the other crumbles.

Bioethics and medicine after the Holocaust, human subject research ethics, human rights abuses. These are just a few of the topics covered by MIMEH’s lectures, webinars, and events. They strive to offer in-depth information on relevant topics, using the past to help shape the future. Dr. Allen Menkin sees the importance in this. He knows that what happened shouldn’t be overlooked and especially not repeated.

Source: www.mimeh.org